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Starting At:$39.90 $33.90

Gourmet Chops
Starting At:$30.90

Chicken Breast Filets (Skinless & Boneless)
Starting At:$24.90

Gourmet Seafood
Starting At:$28.90

Starting At:$20.90

Gourmet 50 JUMBO Beef Ravioli
Starting At:$18.90

Stewed Vegetables, Flame-Roasted
Starting At:$19.90

Individual Appetizers - See Party Food For Packages
Starting At:$47.90

Starting At:$29.90

Burgers, Franks, Sausages
Starting At:$25.90

Honey Dijon Chicken Breast
Starting At:$29.90 $25.90

Chef Pat's Specials
Starting At:$63.90

Gourmet Tailgate Food for Your Team
Starting At:$59.90

a -BULK Package ONE 46 GOURMET Steaks
Starting At:$370.90

Turkey Dinner for 2
Starting At:$136.90

Appetizer Party Food
Starting At:$134.90

A Great Filet Mignons
Starting At:$70.89

Bison Filet Mignon
Starting At:$1.00

When you think of GOURMET STEAKS from OMAHA, then use your imagination and think about a steak so tender, so juicy, and so lean that you will know you are in heaven. Stop for a moment and let that sink in for a while and remember you got them from Great American Farms. That sweet flavor of mild Filet Mignons wrapped with a delicious bacon, skewered on for easy cooking. It won't be hard to understand why it's the best! Also remember you got them from Great American Farms.


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